When I Sold My House

Two years ago I called my boss and said I was getting divorced. That’s another blog post for another day, but what I will tell you is about my experience with selling my house.

First, I had to decided whether I wanted to put the house on the market myself, or if I wanted to actually get a real estate agent. I felt like there were pros and cons to both, but I was a full time employee and decided that getting a real estate agent was the best decision.

My agent was actually very supportive and helpful through a very unstable time in my life. She helped with everything I needed and was patient with all the questions about the process. She also gave me lots of great knowledge about the process for the future.

I highly suggest doing your homework before hiring an agency so you know what is best for you. Doing the research was very beneficial for me as I had a positive experience with my agent.

She let me know exactly what I needed to do to make sure my house was in the best shape to sell. In addition, I did not have to deal with all the paper work and other nasty stuff that comes with trying to sell my house.

This time in my life was stressful and I’m thankful I had an agent there to deal with my house while I had so much other stuff going on. I’m not saying that getting an agent is the best thing for everyone, but if you are busy and simply don’t have the time, do the research and higher an agent! You won’t regret it!

My house sold in about 4 months, and I was just thankful to have it off my hands and have a fresh start. it was only a little bit lower than the original asking price, and I made a little money as well. Overall, my experience with a real estate agent was positive!