Real Estate TV Shows Guide

Everyone needs to relax from time to time, and what better way for a real estate nerd to relax than watching HGTV and real estate shows?! While HGTV remains the go to source, the explosion in popularity of home reality shows has spread as other networks get in on the action. Here’s a bit of a breakdown on the best real estate shows on TV right now.

Flip or Flop

If you’re looking for a fast paced show focusing on house flipping, then Flip or Flop is the show for you! The shows stars Tarek and Christina El Moussa as they buy, renovate, and then sell properties. They tend to seek out houses that require a lot of work. They definitely use good contractors, if they were in Birmingham they would use the top heating and cooling contractor in Birmingham. They are usually successful in their flips and there is definitely a thing or two to learn in watching them work.

Treehouse masters

Who would have guessed one of my favorite building project shows is on the Animal Planet? Treemasters is a show that deals exclusively with building treehouses! The team goes to cool locations to build some really out there designs. Not only is the show fun to watch, but the way the team handles the different obstacles related to building a house in the trees may open your eyes to some creative approaches to problems you are facing in your own designs and rebuilds. Stylish yet functional custom design reigns supreme and will get your creative juices flowing when designing your next project.

Tiny House Hunters

If Tree house masters doesn’t spur your creativity, Tiny House Hunters definitely will. Tiny house hunters is just like it’s sibling show, House Hunters, but focuses on tiny homes and apartments, generally between 600 and 1000 square feet. The present three spaces, usually a unit below their goal, one above their goal, and another closest to what they episode’s guests are looking for. Not all units are unique tiny homes, as seen in the tiny house movement, as some are just small apartments in the city. With such a confined space, homeowners are forced to get creative to find solutions to their problems. Not enough room in the kitchen? Maybe knock out a wall, or go the other direction and build a unique folding table with matching chairs that have built in storage compartments. Hiding storage spaces, and combining storage with furniture are frequent tricks of tiny house homeowners and will be sure to inspire you!

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